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International cargo transportation.

Experienced specialists involved in foreign economic activity are sure that the main problems in realization of foreign trade transactions begin with the moment of signing a contract of purchase and sale. One thing - to agree the terms of selling and another - to fulfill them in time stipulated by the contract. Without a qualified assistant - a forwarding company - the problem practically cannot be solved .

Supplying rolling stock for transportations needs settlement of accounts with the carriers, correct issuing of transport documents , avoiding delays in transit , crediting of cargo owners - these and a lot of other problems a forwarder is able to take off from a "weak head" of the cargo owner.

In most cases importers and exporters can hardly act without help of specialists in forwarding and logistic field . It concerns mainly multi modal transportations which require arrangement of a smooth movement of cargoes with participation of different kinds of transport and this can be done only by an experienced and qualified forwarder having a good reputation on the forwarding market.

The main kind of activity of OOO "RusSotra" is to solve the problems connected with arrangement of cargo flow movement. There are no problems in this field which couldnot be solved successfully by the specialists of OOO "RusSotra" : delivery of cargoes by any kind of transport in any place of the world in any reasonable period of time - all this is a favorite work for specialists of OOO "RusSotra" and they devote all their experience and knowledge to it.