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The history of OOO "RusSotra" goes back to the 70 s when within the structure of V/O "Soyuzvneshtrans" a Transit Department was organized which was transformed in 1980 into an independent corporation within the Ministry for Foreign Trade - V/O "Soyuztransit" .

V/O"Soyuztransit" was given the status of the General operator for transportation of transit cargoes via the territory of the former USSR from Europe to Far Easten countries, countries of South East Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, PRC, other countries and vice versa.

Step by step "Sotra" opened new horizons. A trade mark "Sotra" has become very popular on freight and forwarding market.

A long-standing experience in the freight and forwarding activity shows that only those companies are effective which flexibly follow the changes of the market situation and state economy on the whole . In accordance with new trends of forwarding development in 2001 a new specialized company OOO "RusSotra" was founded with the main function to supply the cargo owners with a full complex of services.

An invaluable experience of highly skilled specialists of OOO"RusSotra" engaged in freight forwarding activity for many years gives the company advantage in organization of carriages in multimodal transportation and in providing for services at the world standards' level.