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OOO "RUSSOTRA" is ready to offer you a wide variety of services :

  • organization of transportation of general cargoes both conventionally and in containers in transit via the territory of the Russian Federation from third countries to third ones as well as from third countries to CIS countries and vice versa

  • organization of transportation of export -import goods from/to the Russian Federation , CIS countries with primary specialization to the countries of South-East Asia and Middle East

  • organization of transportation of heavy lifts and oversized items as well as equipment for building and other projects

  • organization of cargo transportation by air

  • organization of cargo transportation by road

  • organization of cargo transportation by water

  • delivery of cargoes by trucks within the local customs procedure

  • customs brokerage within air transportation services

  • storage of cargoes including in bonded warehouse

  • stevedoring services connected with organization of transhipment of all kinds of goods via ports, including own terminal in Temryuk

  • development of optimum schemes of cargo delivery

  • tracing data about location of each shipment en-route

  • security guard services

  • insurance of cargoes

OOO "RusSotra" has all necessary things for an advantageous delivery of any export, import and transit cargoes all over the world :

  • developed efficient cooperation with international forwarding agencies and inland carriers- rail roads, shipping companies, river and sea ports, road and air carriers .

  • deep involvement in cooperation with domestic and foreign clients providing them full complex of services on delivery of export, import and transit cargoes.

  • great experience in transportation of both conventional and container cargoes as well as heavy lifts and over-sized items.

  • the availability of transit codes and the system of mutual agent relations make possible to provide transit shipments.

  • dealing with international leasing companies , with containers of carriers and shipowners stock guarantees the advantage in comparison with other forwarders in providing of container traffic.

  • the usage of capacities of port Temryuk gives advantage to successfully compete in quoting through freight rates due to favourable conditions of transhipment and also in forming of vessel's consignments.

  • the bonded warehouse for storage of cargo and arrangement its customs clearance as well as the licence of customs carrier attract additional volumes of cargoes including those shipped on consignation terms.

  • the trade mark which is well known in the centers of foundation of cargo flows .

  • the possibility to select prospective market segments.

  • skills in cash flow management.

  • the possibility of granting to customers prompt rate rebates , mainly railway rates .

  • an invaluable experience of specialists in organization of container shipments by rail , sea, air ,road guarantees providing services at a very high level.